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Bill Bittle

Director of Operations

SENW brought Bill aboard to manage one project: upgrading our manufacturing capabilities to accommodate widening customer needs. That’s a lot of moving parts…but Bill has been doing this manufacturing stuff for a while now. One word sums his passion: Improvement. Bill’s mind churns with ways to increase efficiency. Whether fine-tuning machinery or assigning challenging projects to empower the manufacturing team, Bill’s goal is to enhance consistency and increase the quality of the outcome. Customers receive his insight and feedback to scale-up their idea, improve their product and grow.

For Bill, it’s not all work, all the time. One word sums up Bill’s personal walk: Integrity. “Papa B” loves his 11 (soon to be 12) grandbabies. By leading them in Boy Scouts, teaching them to hunt or making music with them, Bill demonstrates that character building and responsibility are key to a great life.


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