Paul Latten

Director of Research & Development

Your business is growing! Great! You request increasing volumes of raw material, but your supplier informs you it’s a no-go. What do you do now? Paul took this obstacle (actually, an opportunity) to innovate and commercialize a new chemistry, which ultimately replaced that immovable supplier. Pretty cool, right? Whether Paul is developing a next generation product, focusing on improving manufacturing methods or tackling how to shift a losing business into profitability, Paul’s credo is “My greatest ambition is to build something that will last.” He’s passionate about continuous improvement, innovation and problem solving. Paul sees the “big vision,” discerns its workable parts and economic impact, and then refines the project details.

Whether he’s helping customers “figure it out,” helping people develop where they desire to go—and get there, restoring antique farm tractors to their former glory or playing a round of golf, Paul enjoys the “mind over matter” approach to reaching goals. Whatever your goal may be, Paul is up for the challenge. Give him a call, and discover how he can be to turn your manufacturing obstacle into an opportunity.


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