Steve Nielsen

Founder, Strategic Business Advisor

Steve began his nonwovens journey with Manning Paper Company. It is here that he learned how to make specialty papers and wet-lay nonwovens. Eight years later he was recruited by Celanese to help develop polyester fiber for wet-lay nonwovens.

After the merger of Celanese with Hoechst AG, Steve was charged with developing new businesses for the corporation. But in 1995 Hoechst AG began divesting business. Rather than move with the newly divested entities, the idea of combining the experience working with customers to develop new products with his knowledge of new business development was far more attractive. It was time to start what was to become SENW.

With the decision made, Steve called one of his friends at Manning Paper, Bryan Thomas. Bryan was also keen on the idea of starting a privately-owned R&D company for nonwovens. A few months later in October of 1997, Southeast Nonwovens, Inc. was born.

The past twenty-one years as President of Southeast Nonwovens, Inc. has been filled with interesting and stimulating challenges as Steve watched the industry evolve. “I’ve enjoyed every day. I especially enjoyed meeting and working with so many of the great people associated with the nonwovens industry. The time at SENW has been a great experience I would not trade for anything. At this stage in my career and time in my life I’ve done all I set out to do at SENW. I want to see the company continue and prosper so I believe it’s time for some new blood to come aboard. The management team, with guidance from our business development partners at Heritage Capital, have plotted the course forward to grow the business. Bryan will take over the day to day leadership activities as President. I know he will do a great job.”

Steve said, “I will miss the people I work with, but I am also looking forward to trying some new things.”

Steve remains a major share-holder and Chairman of the Board of Southeast Nonwovens, Inc. He will be working on special projects in an advisory role.


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